Archero Chapters Guide

Gaming has always been an amusement for all ages. The back story of every video game is what brings the essence of all the virtual battles fought. Every game is different. Are you a person who is lost among the shadows with a bow and arrow? This game is then the ideal match for your gaming choices.

archero chapter

About the game

It is an action game right out of Habby. The mission of the game Archero is that the lone archer goes around in different worlds and dungeons in search of evil monsters. Defeating them will bring you your victory and the virtual worlds its peace. The game gives a very simple play method. You have to play it with a joystick and moving the joystick around helps your lone archer to run about in the direction that you please. The archer is supposed to run around evading enemy grounds and worlds and defeating them. Archero is a game of many adventures quite literally.

How to play this game?

An individual playing this game is to complete every stage of one chapter which in this game is called an adventure and then they are allowed to move on to the next chapter of adventure. As you go through the archero levels you have to kill your enemies. Now, killing your enemies without an incentive would be quite a boring video game. So, once you defeat your enemy you get coins and experience points. As you go on doing the good deed and keep collecting more coins you get to choose an ability that will help you become a better archer. From this time onwards the losses double for you. If you are defeated in any stage of the chapter you have to again start the match from absolute scratch without the abilities that you opted for. This becomes difficult if you had gotten a little too comfortable with your abilities.

The catch of the game

Most players might get disheartened on hearing this information but this is the essence of the game. Every time you start from scratch of a chapter the maps and enemies change. So, repeating everything all over again would not seem like a boring thing. It will altogether seem like a new experience. The maps will be enthralling and captivating just like last time but in a different way. It is not possible to get used to the maps in the chapters so it remains a mystery to its players. This game keeps getting interesting as the abilities you gain on repeating the chapter may also be different. You find a combination of abilities that attract and suit you and play the game with them. As you level up you reach the equipment area. The higher points you have the better the abilities and equipment you get and the better the chances at success are. Your major goal is to keep evolving in the game. The game evolves to higher and tougher enemies and the player should be prepared to face them with his or her abilities and equipment.

A few pointers that make this game smoother for you

When you initially start playing the game it might be a little confusing. So, here is some archero help for you that will guide you through your first few games:

  1. Keep moving about: you have to dodge your enemy’s attack. Now, when you are moving around your archer does not shoot. As soon as you stand still in a place your archer starts shooting and kills enemies. It must be confusing as to how to avoid these enemies at the same time kill them as your moving about and your archery is not happening at the same time. The solution to this is to use the corner of the map and let your enemies come to you. You are standing perfectly still here and therefore your archer is going crazy on his archery game. Now, there are the projectiles of the attack that you can trace and some enemies might come running at you so you have to change corners to avoid them.
  2. The abilities you choose: when you are leveling up on an adventure you have to be careful about what abilities you choose. There are two categories of abilities to choose from:
  3. one is the defensive kind. Among the defensive ones you want to only use the ones that will help you in long-distance attacks like shields that can protect you or your minions that can surround to protect you or the invisibility force field that allows you to create a force field around you for two seconds. The close contact defenses are quite worthless as this game will mostly be about long-distance kills.
  4. two is the offensive kind. Among the offensive you have abilities like your arrows will bounce from the walls and no shots will be wasted, arrows will pierce through more than one enemy, arrows bounce off one enemy and do a mass kill off all your enemies or just add extra arrows in your quiver. All of them are pretty useful when you are up against monsters like that.
  5. Use your coins for the right thing: your character can purchase permanent talents that will adorn the character in every chapter permanently. Each talent costs more than the previous ones. The talent which the character will have while entering a game is completely random. You do not even get to decide whether to upgrade the talent or get a new one it is what the algorithm gives you. The essence of the game is its unpredictability.
  6. Use your gems even more wisely: gems you get when you complete stages. These gems can be used to purchase equipment that can bring you back to life during the game and you do not lose progress in the chapter.
  7. Whenever there is a chance to fuse equipment make the correct choice and do it
  8. Upgrade and collect all your rewards right on time before they slip out of your hands. Make the most of Archero power ups.
  9. Watch the advertisements for your free energy gain.

Sum it up

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