Best Archero Pets And Spirits

What are the best pets or spirits of Archero


In today's world, online games became very popular, especially among the young generation. Among those, Archero is regarded as one of the best games in the world of online games. In terms of games, teenagers are most prone to thrilling games. Archero game is one of the best examples of those. In Archero, pets are referred to as Spirits, but it is only within the community and it subject to interchange. There are different kinds of pets or spirits that are used as equipment or weapon during the game against the enemies. Out of all the spirits, two of them will be the pet of one person who will battle the enemy.

How are they different?

Each of the pets is having its strengths and weakness. They all are different from each other. They are also regarded to be in the same rarities like the others. Some are very common, rare while the other can be legendary. The pets can be fused if one wants to upgrade them. One must have a clear idea of its enemies. They are different from each other and so their attacks. The selection of pets should be in such a way so that they can fight their enemies. According to the strategy made during the beginning of the game, the selection of the pets should be made. Due to their different nature, these pets are called Spirits in the game.

How to get pets in Archero?

One of the questions that arise in Archero, how to get a pet? Getting pets or spirits in the game is not very tough. When one plays a game they get other rewards by playing different levels which are called Archero Chapters in the game. The players get the pets in the same way in the game i.e. randomly. When levels are played players get rewards and points. Those chests provide a new pet or the same pet the player had already. When the duplicate pet is got then there is a chance of upgrading the rarity as playing with the same spirits will not help to win. Players try to get rare pets because it increases the chance of winning the game. Though there are multiple ways to get pets, technically there are only two ways to get pets.

One needs to play with the hope of getting the drops of pets. When a monster has killed the equipment or a pet can drop.

Another option can be to get free Golden Chest daily and free Obsidian Chest every week.

Pets of Archero

Laser Bat


Laser bat is one of the best Archero pets in this game. When there are end no of obstacles and the fighting is within the same room then Laser Bats should be selected as it can easily shoot through walls. When obstacles are there then the other pets are going struggle compared to laser Bats. But there are certain issues with Laser Bats. The damage of Laser bats is weak but in case they miss a target then there will be no damage. Therefore, for any number of obstacles, Laser bats are considered as one of the Archero best pets’. But this is not the best option when there is one single enemy.

Living Bomb


This is another one of the best Archero pets to choose in the game as it leads to exploding and creates lots of damage to the enemies. Though the attack is slow and the attack might go against oneself if the moving enemies are more in number. But if the attacks go in the right direction, then it will blow out even the walls and will create lots of damage to the surrounded enemies. This pet is one of the best Archero pets if the fighting is within a small area.



These pets are also called fairy. Their attack is very fast and they are very strong if used for a single target. But if this pet is used in case of many obstacles then this will not be a good choice. In the later section of the game, it acts as one of the weapons as it will help in a single shot. This is the Archero best spirit when the level or chapter is very heavy.

Scythe Mage


Among all the Archero pets’ attacks through enemies. But this pet is also beneficial when there are fewer obstacles. This pet can become very useful if there are many enemies. Large room and many enemies are the strength of Scythe Mage. Their attack is so powerful that it can easily go against the boss. This pet is the opposite of Laser Bats. When bats can make a great fight with many obstacles in a room whereas Scythe mage can fight well in case of fewer obstacles, many enemies and in a large space. Therefore, the combination of laser Bats and Scythe Mage gives the game an edge over others. Scythe Mage is also called the Archero best pet for its different techniques.

Best pets of Archero

Above is the list of the Archero pets that help in the game. But among all of the people tend to choose Laser Bats and Scythe mage as the options. As mentioned above they are regarded as the best combinations in terms of space, enemies, and obstacles. The Bat can attack from behind and the Scythe can do lots of damage to the enemies. Therefore, they are said to be the best pets in Archero. But Elf or Living Bomb is equally strong. They can also do equal damage but it depends upon the situation. In the non-boss stages, laser Bats are the best because of their penetration power. At times people prefer to go for bomb plus bat or bomb plus scythe as the blast of the Living Bomb will create several damages. But one does not have much control over getting the pets.


On top of pets selection, it is important to fuse your pets to upgrade its level and rarity. Having Archero pets with "Epic" level will bestow them agility and damage that can make your life easier in the game.

It can also change the strategy you will implement in your gameplay for different levels. With such strong Archero spirits dealing damage for you, you can instead concentrate on avoiding enemies' attack and stay alive, especially the more advanced level where all hell breaks loose.

Combine this with Archero skills and abilities that does constant damage without Archero having to stop and shoot, like your elemental balls or swords that does constant damage to enemies around incessantly, you can deal really heavy damage to your enemies while having a higher chance to stay alive!

These Epic level pets do not come easily. You need to have many many pets in order to fuse them together umpteen times to get your war machine Archero spirit. The best way to do so will be to use our Archero free gems hack generator to generate all the Archero free coins and gems you need!

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, Archero is one of the best games in the online games world where winning is only not dependent on the strategy of an individual but is dependent on luck at times. Since only two pets can be run at a time so upgrading the pets if both of them appear to be the same is one of the strategies to win the game. If one is patient and lucky then getting two Archero spirits will not be a difficult task and it can stand out to be the best spirit in Archero.