Best Archero Skills And Abilities Combo

To all the gaming freaks who look for new challenges and adventures in a game, here is a game that would give them a thrilling experience. The game gives you some awesome challenges facing which you will be amazed. Here we present Archero, a roguelike game, hit the target, gain the skills, become more powerful, pass the level, and increase the thrill. You only need to pass the level to gain a combo of new skills that you can use to do multiple attacks which would cause more damage to the enemy. As you go on and pass the level, the difficulty level and the challenges keep on increasing and the game gets harder. You can choose the earned skills before you start a level or during a level up. To understand the game, you must go through the guide first which describes the rules of the game.

Archero skills

The guide provides information regarding certain skills that you use to kill enemies in the game. The archero ability tier list offers-

  • Rear Arrow +1: This skill simply lets you shot the arrow from behind unless there are bouncy walls.
  • Poisoned Touch: As the name suggests, it causes poison damage to the enemy.
  • Blaze: It gives you a fire arrow that burns the enemy. It gives a flame effect.
  • Fire/frost/lightning/poison strike: These skills get you the swords of the corresponding names.
  • Slow Projectile: This ability is similar to freezing the enemy, the only difference is it only slows the projectile speed and increases your response time.
  • Headshot: This skill could kill the enemy with a single shot but it is random, and you may end up killing none.
  • Shadow clown: After the monster dies, the shadow of him is cloned and an arrow is made, which is available only for a while and disappears after a while.
  • Holy touch: Two projectiles eject from the monsters nobody and does a little damage only.
  • Smart: It helps you level up, by earning more coins.

These are few archero abilities of the protagonist of the game, there are certain more skills which provides the best effects to the hero.

Best Archero skills

Some of the archero’s best skills are:

  • Front Arrow +1: A pair of arrows can be shot parallel side by side using this. It causes more damage to the enemy.
  • Ricochet: It gives you a bounce off and helps you kill multiple enemies simultaneously.
  • Multishot: Like Front Arrow, this helps you take a double shot but one after the other one. It works in all directions be them diagonal, side or rear.
  • Crit master: This skill offers you more critical shots which damages the enemies more critically and increases the chances of dealing with critical hits.
  • Attack speed boost: The quick you fire the more you damage, this skill damages more because it increases the firing speed like a rapid-fire.
  • Attack boost: This skill raises the damage power of your attacks.

These abilities and skills could be used simultaneously, which we refer to as a combo or combination. This combo shows the best results and causes severe damage to the enemy’s army. The best abilities and skills in archero are combined to show this effect. Combination

  • Attack speed up, Double shot and Ricochet: With this combination, you can hit quickly and along with this, you would be able to hit more shots which would be like icing on the cake.
  • Front arrow +1, diagonal arrows, Side arrows +1 and bouncy arrows: This combination enhances the coverage area of your shots with increasing your arrows, as you can hit multiple arrows in any direction and cause higher damage.
  • The Same: This skill slows the projectile and offers you Blaze, Freeze, and Poison effect to cause more damage to your enemy, no one could come near you if you have this combo.
  • Shield guard, Invincibility star and Wingman: This combination needs one more spirit to work. This skill shields you better and makes you a hard target for the enemies.

A good game needs to have dependable defensive attributes. Attacking is the one side of the coin, the other is to defend. You cannot just keep attacking if the enemy attacks you with bigger force, it becomes necessary to defend so that you can save your life. There are some best abilities in Archero which offer the defensive part, these skills are known as Archero Spirits or Pets, which keep you shielded and gives you time to upgrade the weapons. The pets can be received in the same way, in which skills are gained that is random. The list of spirits contains:

  • Laser Bat: It offers you to shoot out lasers that could pierce the walls. It is beneficial in the areas filled with blocks and walls.
  • Scythe Mage: It allows you to shoot through enemies, you can kill multiple enemies with a single shot. It can pierce through enemies but not walls. It is very effective against bosses.
  • Elf: It makes you blade equipped and allows you to fire at a rapid speed. It is effective in boss heavy chapters.
  • Living Bomb: As the name suggests, these spirits get you equipped with bombs that blast where they land. Big clusters of enemies could be destroyed easily with this.

Best spirit in Archero

Without any doubt and much mind gaming, the answer is Scythe Mage or Laser Bat. These skills cause the highest amount of damage in any situation. It also depends on the chapters because, in boss heavy chapters, elf or living bomb could give better results. It is at the discretion of the participant to choose the weapon or spirit according to the situation.

Eventually, Archero has lots of challenges and adventures waiting for you. Keep playing, pass the levels and upgrade your weapons, earn skills and spirits, defeat the enemies and finish the chapters. All the 13 chapters are waiting for you. The game is fun and the gamers are going to miss it once they finish all the levels. Just play patiently, have fun and enjoy the game.


No matter the kind of spirits you have, you will need Archero coins and gems to reach the "EPIC" level and get the best out of them. That can easily cost a bomb.

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