Best Weapons In Archero: A Comparative Discussion

Welcome to one of the biggest debates that have been happening since this game came to existence. The people shed tears and sweat over giving details and features of their own favorite weapons as to actually contribute to Archero best weapons.

The Archero weapon tier list if could be created then, I don’t think so it will give justice to any of the weapons because to have a tier list one weapon has to have a cut above another one. And if presented the case of some of the wonders in Archero, there’s just negligible difference in Archero weapons.

Before we get to the pros and cons of each Archero legendary weapon, let me tell you something, play with the weapon which you love, because all the weapons are equally viable and provide all and almost the same amount of damage. RNGing (Random Number Generator) correct skills are the right conclusive factor in DPS.

Now, let’s get to the features and disadvantages of the weapons



Nado is known for its power of providing the players with more skill options from which they can choose, as it already is bestowed with two top tiers laid backs. In a game, where it is definitive by ranging skills, the player gets skyrocketed by this and has a more successful run throughout. The boomerang has connectivity up to an additional 55% return damage, which has a decreasing return of -45%.

Albeit, having lead in skill and DPS wise, nado actually equals with Blade on the single targeted criteria and loses with Scythe’s headshot on almost all levels.

Briefly summarized:

    • 20% base damage.
  • 1.73 AS
  • Best in the early game.
  • Decent on every account.
  • Strong C7 wise.
  • Need congenial skill RNG for C5-8-10-11 to cover up for the absence of knockback

Disadvantages of Nado

Despite being good on paper, nado still can’t be considered as the best weapon Archero has. It returns damage, sometimes fails to connect with the target. Its actual dps can also turn out to be much lower when in use. And with the presence of boomerang effect, knockback tends to not exist which puts players on their toes in ruckus interactions.



The blade is often overlooked by beginners and is mostly considered a choice for veteran players.

It can shoot 50% faster than Nado and 80% faster than Scythe and is also referred to as the King of Agility. But can we still can’t consider it as the best Archero weapon because it has 20% less base damage than Bow and 65% less base damage as compared to Scythe.

In the multi-shot scenario, the blade is equivalent to bow but it’s execution puts blade way above the bow. Also, it successfully connects to the target quite often, hence having higher DPS.

Briefly summarized:

  • -20% base damage.
  • 2.6 AS.
  • Okay in C3-5-8 with multi-shot knockback.
  • Powerful in C9.
  • Mobility is #1.

Disadvantages of Blade

It may require bounce or pierce as well as “bonus arrow skills” for splash damage. Most of the time, people or players will have time enough to throw one dagger while moving and dodging, during this blade losses value up to some units as the main source of DPS comes through rapid-fire.



It has the slowest attack speed, but to compensate this, it has the highest base damage among all. What astonishes the most is it’s knocked back speed and epic ability headshot. The mobs having health at 30% or lower, it is 50% probable the Scythe’s headshot will instantly kill them.

The knockback keeps the ruckus troops at a safe distance and it eventually becomes conclusive that no other weapon can ever come near the stage clearing speeds of Scythe.

Briefly summarized

  • +45% base damage.
  • 1.43 AS.
  • Powerful on almost all fronts.
  • Extra Powerful in C3-5-8.
  • This wants to be your endgame, and it has the ability to.
  • Gives woo moments in C10-11.
  • *Sigh* Weaker in C9.

Disadvantages of Scythe

Scythe would not be an excellent choice where the players are countenancing attacks from everywhere, it will not have much time to have follow through with an attack animation and thus forfeiting dps.



It is a combination of all the three, fast reloading as Nado, fast projectiles traveling as the blade and gives feels of scythe headshot but obviously, it is not as effective as them. With the compliment of Wolf rings, it catches up to the output at DPS as the other three.

Wolves help increase damage vs ruckus units, so it’s not recommended for chapters beyond 7.

If you’re looking for a decent and staple end game accessory to dodge perks with bonus damage vs range, go for Serpents.

Briefly summarized

  • +0% base damage.
  • 1.73 AS.
  • Needs good skill RNG in most chapters.
  • Needs almost perfect skill RNG for C10-11.

Disadvantages of Bow

The dps of the bow is 20% less than it’s brothers and 15% less with it’s epic passive but it will become 0% if wolf rings are used. It needs more than excellent skill RNG to its optimum utilization.

So, these were some detailed annotations and Archero weapon stats

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I will only say, that all the weapons are absolutely excellent, it’s up to the situation that makes one better than the other. But remember, the weapon type is every time a second thing to take care after skills you RNG. A single good or bad skill can mess up the entire game for you.

And I’m repeating again, RNG the correct skills, you won’t be able to clear a difficult level unless you have a decent RNG start, if you are up to a bad RNG start, die and start again.

Develop the required muscle memory to dodge and anticipate the enemies specific to a particular chapter of yours, unless even with the correct gear and RNG skills, you may still end up losing.

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