How To Get Free Gems In Archero

Earn some free archero gems to buy some weapons and energy

Lately, archero is one of the most loved games that is being the talk of the town. Many players are now taking a major interest in this game and how to move forward. There are many things in this game like archero gems, coins, and chapters. Read further to learn about the most precious thing in the game called gems and how to earn them and what to spend gems on in Archero?

This is a game that is developed for the android and ios platform. It is a single-player game. The genre of the game falls in the category of arcade and action-adventure solely. The game is quite interesting citing the factor that it has several chapters and modes to play in which keeps the player intrigued till the end. There are many monsters and each of them tends to have a different set of powers and skills. The main work if the player in the game is to don the character of an archer and kill the monsters to move forward in the game.

Who is archero?

Well, the game is centered in and around the character called archero, who is an archer and has the task of clearing several monsters and collect different weapons and skills on the go. Each chapter has a new mission of killing a certain monster who has their powers to flaunt. One of the things that needs to be kept in mind is the fact that the archero will die several times. And dying means game over and one will have to start over. Therefore this game not only requires a lot of strategy and skill but also a lot of patience.

Precious gems in archero

Every game has a certain type of resource which can be used to buy and gather several other important things in the game. In Archero, the main resource that is highly valuable is called gems. These gems are acquirable in only two ways. Either you pay for them while playing the game using one's own money. Or you can win them while playing various challenges naturally for free. That said, there's also a third way, which is to watch the ads in the app. But the ads option do not always appear. More about that in a bit

One of the biggest uses of archero gems in the game is to revive the character when dead. As the journey will be starting from the very start, many may find it a frustrating thing and thus would like to continue playing. But for this one will have to pay heavily in the form of gems.

However, reviving the character spending gems is not the most pursued step as it can cost one dearly in the form of gems. And in this game, gems are very precious and thus one must save them for other challenges where there will be no other option but to spend the gems. Also in the game, it is quite difficult to collect gems as they don't come by easy. These gems can in the game be bought or earned in the form of pile (80 gems), bucket (1200 gems), chest (6500 gems), heap (500 gems), barrel (2500 gems), or cart (14000 gems). One can either earn them or can simply get them from archero mod apk unlimited gems hacks.

Collect free gems in archero

Earning archero gems normally without spending any money in the game can take some time and patience. There are usually two ways to earn the gems in the game:

  • Watch ads: while playing if one kills a boss in the game, the player will be given a free spin. After the spin one can watch an ad to get another spin. Each spin or watching ads can help one earn gems in the game. This entire process can be repeated five times a day.
  • Move up the level: the most common and common way to earn gems is by increasing the levels one after the other. Otherwise one can also progress through chapters to earn gems. As soon as a chapter is completed in the game, the player will earn some gems. However many tend to find this process quite tiring as it takes a lot of time.
  • Hacks: there are several ways in which one can find archero gem hacks that help in earning gems for free. Simply one will have to find the archero mod apk unlimited gems links and use them.

Purchase the gems

As mentioned above there are two ways to collect the gems, one is natural and one is by buying them using money. One can spend any amount depending on their budget and can earn a certain number of gems in their game kitty. However, one thing that one needs to keep in mind is that the more one spends, the better will be the return rates of gems will be in the game.

Like spending one dollar means buying 80 archero gems, but spending a hundred dollars can help one buy 14000 gems that are 140 gems in one dollar. This can vary from time to time, but the rule remains that the higher one decides to spend, the higher will be several gems bought. Usually, people tend to buy the gems as earning them can take up a lot of time and this can hinder the game pace.

Using the gems in archero

The entire game is free but in the game, there are many places where one can plan to spend a few gems to get some profits. When asked about archero what to spend gems on, the answer remains simple. Spend on something that will help in increasing the game potential. One can buy character upgrades and other suppliers of the game using the gems. These microtransactions are possible only if one has gems with them by either buying them or earning them. The upgrades that are bought in the game using the gems can otherwise be also earned, but usually, that means keep on playing for a longer time as the pace is slow.

There are many ways one can spend the archero free gems in the game that will uplift the gameplay and one's chances of moving forward quickly. Be very specific and clever while spending these gems as they are quite rare to get and expensive to buy. It is quite effective to spend the gems in buying different gear pieces including armor and weapons with the rarity level of Epic from the mysterious vendor.

Some of the other ways in which the gems can be spent are by buying energy coins and scrolls. One can buy energy to boost the levels in the game. Or can buy a chest full of coins or simply a set number of coins which is one of the currencies in the game. Also one can boost their game by buying scrolls from the mysterious vendor that can help in the game. One can buy common weapons, common ring, common armor, common spirit, etc. Also it is important to increase one value while using the gems like buying gear will have 100 percent of the value spent, or buying obsidian or golden chests that spent 80 to 230 percent of the value of gems.


Gems are a very crucial thing in the game of archero and thus one should be paying attention to when to buy and when to spend. There are also many hacks like archero mod apk unlimited gems that one can find which can help in earning new gems. However the best option is to buy gems as earning them normally through playing can take time and effort, and also can stop the game midway due to lack of gear or weapons.